Tips To Make The Best Party Bus Ever

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Party Bus

Make Reservations: You aren’t going to want to tell your guests that you have a party bus and then attempt to rent the party bus on the day of the event. First of all, you may not even get the party bus, especially if you are planning the event around wedding season. Second of all, there is a chance that the only party buses that will be available will not be the size that you need and won’t be able to accommodate for all of your guests. It’s best to make reservations at least a month before and ensure that the rental is confirmed a few days before your event.

Plan Details: When you reserve your party bus, you should make arrangements with the party bus companies to personalize the bus with little details. This way, the bus feels like your own. Your guests will appreciate this as well. A party bus can have certain decorations inside of the bus and can even have a banner hanging across the outside of the bus with the name of your event written across it

Ask About Food and Drinks: If you don’t plan on stopping for food and would much rather keep the party inside of the party bus, you should ask about food and drinks. Some party buses will have more restrictions than others. For example, some may not allow food while others may allow food but not allow alcoholic beverages. If you want a party bus that allows food and drinks, be sure that you have the party bus checked for cleanliness before you agree to pay for the rental, since these buses are going to have more spills happen than others will.

Plan the Route: The driver of the party bus isn’t going to want to drive around aimlessly. It’s important that you have a route in mind, ideally one that allows your guests to have a bathroom break if you don’t plan on making any other stops. The route should lead back to your home or wherever you started from after you have spent the amount of time that you want to spend on the bus.


Tips for Renting a Party Bus

Plan in Advance

Party Buses are popular and if you are going to a public event like a sporting event or concert, there is a chance you are not the only one with the idea. So by securing your Party Bus rental in advance, you can make sure you get the best bus available with all of the amenities you want

Choosing your Vehicle

Party Buses are just that, a party. Like any party, you need to know how many people will be attending. This is important because you don’t want to rent an 18 passenger Party Bus and have 25 people on it and you don’t want to rent the 48 passenger Party Bus and have the same 25 people. Know your headcount before you pick the vehicle

Plan your Destination

This may seem obvious as you are renting a Party Bus to go somewhere but most bus rentals have multiple stops in the night. Going to dinner before the concert? Your driver will need to know where. What about after the tailgate and big football game? Want to hit a local pub to watch the late games. Let your driver know so they can plan your route, ensuring you arrive as quickly and safely as possible

Understand the Cost

When renting a Party Bus, there will obviously be a cost to the night. Make sure you understand what the hourly rate will be, what happens if you go long and is gratuity or other taxes or fees included. Many people rent a Party Bus as a group, sharing the cost. So if you are the organizer, make sure you understand the entire cost for the evening to make sure everyone can contribute evenly.

Refreshments are a Must

If you are renting a Party Bus for an adult group, then there is a fair likelihood that adult beverages will be consumed. Understand that in Pennsylvania and other states, the Transportation Company can’t supply the alcohol. So make sure you know what you want and plan on bringing a cooler or two. While most buses have a bar (or two) in them, it is often much easier to transport coolers on and off than loading them into the built in bars.


Tips for Renting a Party Bus or Limo

There are lots of reasons to consider renting a party bus or a limo. Many people immediately think of weddings, but these vehicles are great for everything from a relaxing ride to the airport to a birthday party to remember.

Find out how many people you’ll need room for

You’ll want to make sure that the vehicle you rent has room for your entire group. You’ll never fit 30 people into a 6 person limo, and even if you could, it just wouldn’t be safe

Define the purpose of the event

Are you renting to get your whole wedding party from the ceremony to the reception? Is this rental for an upscale dinner out? Is it for prom? Or are you planning on bar hopping with a group of friends?

Whenever possible, plan and reserve ahead of time

It’s unlikely you’re going to try and rent a party bus the same day you need it. But planning – and reserving – your limo or party bus well ahead of time does more than just set your mind at ease. It ensures that you have exactly the right vehicle to meet your purpose and that you can spend the time finding a rental company with the best amenities in your price range

Ensure your rental has the amenities you most want

Speaking of amenities… limos and party buses all have different ones. If having a sound system that you can hook up to your phone is important, you’ll want to be sure that’s available. Need a big-screen TV for tailgating? Call ahead and make sure that will be part of your bus rental. Can you bring food or drinks on the bus or in the limo? These are all questions you’ll want to be answered clearly well before you rent, so you’re sure you’re getting exactly the experience you’re hoping for



Birthdays, anniversaries, concerts: Any occasion is the perfect occasion for renting a party bus. One of the biggest perks of party buses is keeping your group together in one vehicle. If there’s drinking involved in your outing, the party bus lets everyone partake and eliminates the temptation to drive drunk

Find a Reputable Company

Your safety starts with the limo or party bus company you choose. Research the party bus company online through third-party review sites to check for issues

Have a Guest Count

Get an initial headcount before you start narrowing down party bus options. Buses come in different sizes, and the maximum number of passengers varies with each

Create Your Party Plan

Having a general agenda in mind helps you get a more accurate quote and helps the company plan for your event. Usually, you won’t make just one stop and go straight home. Most party bus events involve multiple stops, such as dinner, a concert, and bars after or a series of bars

Check on Availability

Contact the company you’re considering to check on availability for the party bus size and type you want for your event date. Book at least one month in advance. It’s always best to book as soon as you know your plans to give yourself the best choice in dates and bus types


Tips on Party Bus Rental

Party it up properly by hiring a party bus! Considering booking a limo for a special event? Cruising around in classic stretch limos may be a stretch as you are limited to a low roofing system. SUV limousines are a little better, however for the ultimate party, one should definitely check out a party bus rental

Party buses are hot these days. There are many advantages to getting one over standard limousines. First off, they will accommodate people standing, so you can dance with a great deal of open space, while traveling anywhere.

Party buses are great for the supreme party animals. Lots of them are packed with loud and bright entertainment systems, consisting of flashing lights like a club. This permits the celebration never to wane between changes in clubs, dinner, or any place you people are getting wild at.

Security should constantly be priority in any scenario. Nevertheless, when an occasion requires excessive alcohol drinking, security has the tendency to be of least issue. It is necessary not to overlook security when out on the town, particularly when the party is big enough to include all kinds of drinking behavior and mindsets

Visitors and party coordination are among the primary challenges for any host. When guests arrive/leave in different?vehicles, coordination can be even more of a headache.