Things You Should Be Concerned About When Choosing A Wedding Photographer And Why

Things To Consider When Selecting And Booking Wedding Photographers

Weddings are a big deal and the memories created on that day ought to be captured so that they last forever. Not to be dramatic but booking a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions during the planning of a wedding. It is as important as picking the venue and theme colors. Factors To Consider When Booking A Wedding Photographer


The best time to book a wedding photographer is during the early stages of planning when the date is set. This approach helps you save on time, money and the stress that comes from looking for a photographer when their schedules are full.


Wedding photography styles range from photojournalistic to traditional and artistic. Therefore, you need to select a photographer based your preferred design because they pioneer in diverse methods.


Another important aspect is the venue. You need to have decided on a perfect site for your wedding when booking a photographer. Choosing a location enables the photographer to prepare and assemble all the tools required to shoot in the selected place. A good photographer will try to bring out beautiful images either in a cabin in the woods, a snowy prairie or at a warehouse.


Having a budget enables you to allocate sufficient funds for the majority of the things you want in your wedding. Different photographers charge different fees for their services. Therefore, it is paramount to research to know how much you need to allocate for wedding photography. For instance, some photographers charge a deposit of up to $1,000 once booked. This deposit is meant to hold the date until a contract is complete. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, wedding photography can cost up to $10,000.



If you’re thinking of going into wedding photography – or you just want a nosy at what the pros might be using – we’ve put together a wedding photography kit list of what you might find in the typical bag of a wedding photographer

Wedding photography is one of the most varied jobs, photographically, that anyone can do, and as such, you’ll find that the average wedding pro has to be prepared for all kinds of situations. There’s portraits, reportage

The choice of camera can be a contentious one for wedding photographers. There’s lots to bear in mind including how heavy the camera is, the lenses which are available for it, how sturdy the camera is, and the kind of photography you’ll be doing as part of your wedding photography style.

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For now though, the lens ranges for Canon and Nikon systems are far greater, so many will probably stick with these options. You have a good range of choices for full-frame Canon and Nikon DSLRs, including the Nikon D810, Nikon D5, Canon 1DX Mark II and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Because you’re likely to be shooting a fairly wide range of subjects, you’re going to need a seriously diverse range of glass. Top of the list will probably be a full complement of prime lenses. 35mm and 50mm are great lengths for “documentary” style shots, while an 85mm lens is a classic portrait focal length.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Eventually there’ll come a point at your wedding when the punch-bowl is empty and the dancing shoes are taken off for the night. Goodbyes will be said, guests will depart, and you’ll be left with a complex mixture of emotions – relief, disappointment, nostalgia for the past, and excitement for the future. Then it’ll hit you: your big day is finally over.

Your wedding photographer should put you at ease.

A professional photographer should be just that – a professional. Pay attention to the techniques he or she offers, and ensure that they’re using quality equipment (cellphone cameras should be reserved for guest use). More importantly though – your wedding photographer should be easy to work with and listen well.

They should embrace your vision

The best professional photographers have made a career of taking pictures because they love it. They’re artists whose creativity will come alive on your big day. This creative spirit should manifest itself in their work, and help them produce photos you love

Finding someone who views your wedding as an opportunity to create art (and not simply another paycheck) will pay off in pictures that go beyond your expectations. One great way to assess whether a photographer’s vision aligns with yours is to explore different styles in advance and find out what aesthetic you like most.

The best photographers can be in more than one place at once.

Many newlyweds cherish the pictures taken by friends and family as deeply as those taken by a professional. Why? Because a story is told at your wedding. The more people you have engaged in telling that story, the more detailed memories of your wedding will be


Wedding Photographer

I want you to have the absolute best experience which is why I have built my company around two principles: integrity and simplicity. My wedding packages are designed with you in mind. I have photographed over 100 weddings to date and am currently the top rated wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Style

I am different than most other wedding photographers. Before I took wedding photos, I was (and still am) an outdoor enthusiast and travel photographer. Let me tell you, I absolutely love weddings and the outdoors and when I get to combine the two, it is pure magic. If your wedding is in the outdoors and you want the absolute best elopement photographer, look no further. I also have very extensive experience with taking photos in low light at indoor venues so don’t let this deter you. Your photos will look incredible, no matter the circumstance or venue.

When taking photos, I love to keep things very candid and fun. There is nothing like candid smiles and laughter. If you don’t feel comfortable having photos taken, then you are NOT alone. This is something I hear from 9/10 of my clients and I promise you will be no issue! I have worked with so many people and make sure that no photo looks or feels awkward. There is a reason I have so many great reviews from my clients. If you would like to see more of my wedding photos, go see my full wedding portfolio.

What to Expect

If you are reading this, then you have already made the first step by visiting my website and taking a look at my wedding photography! The next thing you can do is contact me so we can set up a time to meet. We can also talk over the phone to go over details for your wedding day and answer any questions you might have about anything else wedding related Next, we will set up a time for engagement photos (which is included in every wedding package) for your save the dates! Finally, I will send you all kinds of helpful information; from things to consider for your wedding day, to my own hand-written schedule that best fits your day. I want you to feel ready and excited for your wedding day as it draws near.


Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know

Let your photographer know about any quirks of the venue.

“This ceremony is in the Ulster Hall, in Belfast, which is a pitch-black space with crazy lighting, photographer Tim from This Modern Love told BuzzFeed. “I had to respond really quickly, adjusting the way I normally shoot.

It’s important to click with your photographer.

“Photographs are always better when the client’s personality and the photographer’s personality click,” said. “If I’m an unlikely match with a couple, then it’s harder work to get a rapport going. If we’re a good match, the day flows a lot better, it’s easier on both sides.”

Make sure the day tells *your* story.

“In this shot, the groom is holding an owl,” said. “He’s a zookeeper. It was a really wet day, and their reception was in a pub in the country, and just went to the storeroom to take this. It’s a glowy kind of light. And the owl just looked at him. He loved it. I think it’s his Facebook profile picture now!

Give the photographer a “backstage pass” to your day.

“I try to make people comfortable with my presence and then float around. You don’t want to change the flow of what happens in that room. But sometimes you form a real bond with the people in a really concentrated way. And then you leave that night and you never see them again. It’s like you’re allowed backstage.”

Don’t try to force a pose that doesn’t feel natural

For this shot, he asked the couple “to just go by the window. And as I asked them to stand together, he gave her his hand. Some people aren’t into wedding portraits per se, but if you give your photographer some time, just to go for a walk and hang out, you can get some great really natural shots.”