Party Bus Is An Exclusive Party

7 Tips for Renting a Party Bus

Party Buses come in all shape and sizes and are used for taking the family to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal to the next great concert at the Wells Fargo Center. Here are 7 tips to make sure whatever the destination, your Party Bus rental is perfect.

  1. Plan in Advance calendar icon

Party Buses are popular and if you are going to a public event like a sporting event or concert, there is a chance you are not the only one with the idea. So by securing your Party Bus rental in advance, you can make sure you get the best bus available with all of the amenities you want.

  1. Choosing your Vehicle party bus

Party Buses are just that, a party. Like any party, you need to know how many people will be attending. This is important because you don’t want to rent an 18 passenger Party Bus and have 25 people on it and you don’t want to rent the 48 passenger Party Bus and have the same 25 people. Know your headcount before you pick the vehicle.

  1. Plan your Destination map

This may seem obvious as you are renting a Party Bus to go somewhere but most bus rentals have multiple stops in the night. Going to dinner before the concert? Your driver will need to know where. What about after the tailgate and big football game? Want to hit a local pub to watch the late games. Let your driver know so they can plan your route, ensuring you arrive as quickly and safely as possible.

  1. Understand the Cost money bag

When renting a Party Bus, there will obviously be a cost to the night. Make sure you understand what the hourly rate will be, what happens if you go long and is gratuity or other taxes or fees included. Many people rent a Party Bus as a group, sharing the cost. So if you are the organizer, make sure you understand the entire cost for the evening to make sure everyone can contribute evenly.

  1. Refreshments are a Must beer

If you are renting a Party Bus for an adult group, then there is a fair likelihood that adult beverages will be consumed. Understand that in Pennsylvania and other states, the Transportation Company can’t supply the alcohol. So make sure you know what you want and plan on bringing a cooler or two. While most buses have a bar (or two) in them, it is often much easier to transport coolers on and off than loading them into the built in bars.

  1. Who doesn’t like Snacks snacks

The average Party Bus rental is more than 8 hours. People get hungry! Even if your night out includes dinner, light snacks are a great addition as the party goes into the evening. If you are working with a great Transportation Company, they can help arrange snacks, either purchased prior to the trip or even during the evening while you are off the bus and at one of your destinations.

  1. This Party will go Longer than You Think clock

The average Party Bus rental is extended by 30 minutes and more than 25% of all Party Bus rentals get extended by more than 90 minutes. Party Buses are fun! So when planning your night, assume you will go long and factor that into your evening plans.


What can you do in party bus?

For those who have never used a party bus before, welcome to the most exciting form of transportation in town. Party buses have been used to host birthdays, for wedding transportation, bridal showers and other fun events due to the way they are designed. You can hire a party bus Toronto and use it for an unforgettable birthday experience. There’s so much you can do in a party bus while keeping things fun and safe.

  1. Birthdays

Most people will hire a party bus to celebrate a birthday with their group ofWhat can you do in party bus friends or as a form of transport to a particular venue. Party buses are great for birthdays because they can accommodate any given number of people, come with a dance floor, sound systems and so many other features. You can even ask your friends to contribute an equal amount in order to book a nice party bus that comes with all the extra features.

  1. Girls’ night out

Even though regular limos are still a popular choice for parties, many people are discovering the fun of riding in party buses. Party buses have dance floors that vary in size depending on the model. If you intend to use the party bus for a night out with your friends then make sure you choose one that has nice features like custom LED lighting, sound systems, TVs and even a DJ to give you the party atmosphere. You can use the party bus to visit different places in Toronto as you enjoy entertainment on the move.

  1. Wedding day

Party buses have been used by wedding parties as a mode of transportation to the reception. If you are looking to usher your wedding party in style, consider this a unique form of transport. Wedding party buses are designed to offer a safe and comfortable mode of transportation to any preferred venue. You can even have the rental company customize the party bus Toronto to suit any particular needs you might have. Whether this means adding a dance floor or décor that blends well with the rest of your wedding theme; party buses can be modified to suit your needs.

  1. Corporate events

Party buses have also been used by companies where employees need a safe transportation to a venue or event. A party bus can be a great option for a group of colleagues going for a seminar or training. You can enjoy every aspect of your journey with the rest of your team in a party bus. All you have to do is choose a party bus that is suitable for corporate events.

  1. Family outings

Party buses have been hired by families looking for a safe, comfortable and fun experience when going for an outing. There are so many options when it comes to family friendly party buses in Toronto. The party buses can accommodate large and small families; you just have to select the one that suits your needs best. Features such as comfortable seating, sound system, a beverage section and dance floor can be great for family outings.


Making the Most of Your Party Bus Rental

When celebrating life’s milestones from proms to bachelor and bachelorette parties to family reunions to switching bodies with a parent and learning a valuable lesson, a party bus rental can be one of the most fun ways to do it. You get an endlessly customizable space that’s as wholesome or as decadent as you want it to be. And where else can you drink and “drive” in complete safety, or be seen while sightseeing?

But the truth is you don’t even need a reason to rent a party bus. Picture this: instead of jostling for a bartender’s attention and yelling over strangers, you and your friends can create a built-for-you nightlife alternative—maybe even for a lower cost than a typical night out (depending on how many people you invite). If you plan to rent a party bus, here’s how to pack in the most party to the bus:

  • Choosing a Party-Bus Theme

Clever party themes elevate standard shindigs to legendary status, which means all the more reason to pick a good one for your next mobile affair. Even if it’s not apropos to the event you’re celebrating, a random unifying concept will instantly grab the attention of passersby and result in some unforgettable selfies. One of our personal favorites is having everyone dress like famed painter of “happy little trees” Bob Ross.

Whatever you pick, though, keep it simple. Space will be limited. Plus, the time it takes to set up comes out of the time you’ve booked (don’t forget, you’ll need to take it all down again at night’s end)

  • Recommended Decorations: Balloons, streamers, and banners are all easy to tape up and pull down later without incurring a cleaning fee. Also, don’t overlook the advantage of having a TV in the bus; you can add to the atmosphere with movies or photo slideshows.
  • Recommended Costumes: Masks, wigs, hats, and custom T-shirts are always smart options, since they can be removed easily and free guests to dress to their own comfort level.
  • Party-Bus Games

Avoid any party games that are too elaborate or stationary, and bring along one of these games instead:

  • Board/card games : Apples to Apples, Yahtzee, Old Maid
  • Car games      : I spy, the license-plate game
  • Custom games      : DIY bingo board with squares for yield sign, jaywalker, etc.
  • Drinking games : or the last time, Grandma, no!
  • Trivia games      : Apps such as QuizUp, Jeopardy!, and MovieCat
  • Party-Bus Food and Drink Ideas

When planning the menu, it’s best to think more along the lines of a cocktail party than a dinner party. So keep the snacks light and easy and not too messy. Bring a variety of finger foods—around five types for non-mealtimes, eight for mealtimes. When calculating how much food to make, expect every guest to have two of each.

  • Food Recommendations: Baguette slices with brie on top, homemade caramel popcorn, or chips with chunky guacamole.
  • Drink Recommendations: Pitchers of homemade margaritas work well (just bring a lid), as do easy-to-mix classics like rum and coke. Bring a variety of options and avoid red wine (in case of sudden stops).
  • Mixing Your Party-Bus Playlist

This really depends on your taste and personality. If you’re the type who tends your iTunes like a garden, bring your phone and an auxiliary cable and play DJ all night long. If you’d rather mingle, make it easy on yourself and ask the party bus rental company which satellite stations or streaming apps are available. If you have an app like Spotify, you can also choose from their myriad curated playlists.

  • Booking Your Bus

Bus sizes range from compact models that hold around 10 people to stretch models that can accommodate upward of 30. Always get more space than your invite list requires, though. For example: inviting 20 friends? Get the 30-person bus. There are a couple reasons for this: 1) many companies have fewer mid-size buses and 2) if you make a friend during one of the night’s stops, you can invite them along without overloading the bus and irritating your guests.

  • Planning Your Route
  • Your party bus likely won’t have a bathroom—and even if it does, you’re in an enclosed space (no one wants to be a literal party pooper). So include a steady cadence of pit stops along your route, whether at bars (bonus: extra drinks) or local landmarks (bonus: photo ops). Like the many other things they have in common, kids and heavy drinkers will both need to stop more often, about once every 30–45 minutes.




If you are planning a party on a party bus, then you definitely want to make it more fun and memorable. You must be wondering what games or activities you can have on the party bus that can make the experience a once in a lifetime one. Well, worry no more, below, we have listed several party bus game ideas that you can consider the next time you hire a party bus for a birthday or bachelorette party.

  • License plate games

Most of us played this when we were young and went for road trips with family members. Write down a list of states and give each person the list to check off a state when they see it be passed or pass. You can add a little twist by having the people in the party bus write down vanity plates as you drive by.

  • Statues

Statues is an interesting game. Use music to play this game. When the music starts playing, everyone dances. When it stops, everyone freezes and remains in a statue position. Whoever moves when the music stops playing gets kicked out of the game until the round is done. The victor will be the person who remains in the game.

  • Charades

What’s a list of party bus game ideas without charades? There are multiple forms that you can play charades. From using movie titles to songs to celebrities. You can divide your guests in the party bus into groups and have them compete against each other for points or have individuals play the game and have them accumulate points. Seeing your guests act out certain actions to help their team win will leave all of you laughing and create some memorable moments.

  • Karaoke sing off

We all love a karaoke night out so why not have the same in your party bus. You can divide your guests into groups depending on the number and give each of them a song to sing. If you have a screen you can play the lyrics; if not, you can have the teams choose songs that they know of and have them sing as you enjoy the party bus ride.

  • Two truths and a lie

Because parties also present us with a chance to meet new people, playing a game that provides you to get to know each other is something you should consider. What better way to do this than with the two truths and a lie game. Have each member write down three things about themselves – two of those should be true and one a lie. Let each team member read the three things they have written and have the rest of the group try to figure out which ones are true and which ones not.

  • The dare game

This is one common and loved game. Most parties – even in a party bus – will either have people of one sex or both. While a party bus with both genders can make the dare game more fun, you can still pull it out as a host even if all your guests are from one sex. Have the group write down a dare that they would want the host to do. Have the papers put in a box and then have them mixed up and flip it so that everyone has to pick a dare.


How much do you tip for a party bus?

When you rent a party bus, it’s industry standard to tip the driver 15 percent to 20 percent of the rental cost. Some rental companies include a gratuity for the driver as a line item on the bill, while others leave tipping to the discretion of the passengers. Often party bus drivers are employees of the rental company, and are not seeing most of the money you paid to hire the ride for the night. You should consider the tip as a standard part of your total party bus price. The job of the party bus driver is to keep you and the other passengers safe, ensure your comfort, and get you to your destinations on time (barring outside factors like weather or unpredicted traffic). Party bus drivers are usually the ones who stock and prep the bus with ice, drinks, and other requested items before picking you up. They are also usually tasked with cleaning the vehicle after you and your guests are done for the night. Ask your rental company whether a tip is included in the quoted price, and be sure to be prepared with cash or the ability to tip by credit card after the event. Of course, tipping is not required (unless it is a written part of a contract you agreed to), and if you had problems with the driver, you don’t have to tip. But if you had a nice time, consider tipping well. And if your guests were extra rowdy and messy, add a few extra dollars to your tip to acknowledge the driver’s extra work cleaning up after you.